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Profiter de la Tranquillité de la Nature de l'Espace en Auvergne



Several events are organized on a regular base. For example  in March there is  a jazz festival and in May a blues festival.  Besides festivals there are also several concerts, exhibitions, brocantes, vide greniers…etc.



For childeren (but also for adults)

Park de Fenestre at La Bourboule is a nice park with a play area for the children. In Murat le Quaire is a goatfarm where litte goats can be hand fed with a bottle. Also beautiful and interesting to see are the  rock dwellings at Jonas and the Themepark Vulcania. During the summer season there are several other activities for children, such as golddigging and adventure between the trees.

Promenading, mountain`biking and motor cycling

The area is suitable for making long walks, as well as  mountain biking and motorbiking. There is room  for your mountainbike(s) or motorcycle(s) in our barn.


La Bourboulle has an indoor swimming pool but it is also possible to swim in a local lake, for example, at Chateau de Val or at Tour d’ Auvergne. There is supervision present at both lakes during the summer.



There are several small and  big golfcourses in the area to enjoy